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 What exactly is a personal chef? What could a personal chef do for me?

Different personal chefs have different specialties. Our specialty is you. Working with you, we design any culinary experience you wish to savor: a romantic dinner on the beach; a dinner for you and your spouse with the rest of your family in your home or for just the two of you; an extended family dinner – perhaps for a holiday or special celebration like a birthday; any work-related event; supper clubs for groups of friends; and meal plans and packages for busy professionals and families, as well as people who prefer to have someone else do the cooking! If you can imagine it, we will do it.

What is a supper club?

Gather a group of friends and put on a dinner for them – without doing any cooking! You tell us what you and your friends like, and we’ll create a shared culinary experience, complete with your preferred wine or beer pairings, along with the ambiance. You relax and enjoy the company of your friends in your home, the home of another friend, or in our backyard oasis at Chef on the Bay, and we’ll do all the work.

I like the idea of having someone else cook for me. What if I want you to cook for me in my home?

Great! Whether it’s once a month or more, we work with you to design meals that are delicious and unforgettable. We bring it all, table linens, flatware and serviceware; we create any ambiance for your dining experience. We do all the cooking, and best of all, we do all the clean up!

I want some meals prepared ahead of time for my family that I can keep in the freezer until I need them. Can you do that?

Absolutely! If desired, we can prepare something for each family member, using only the freshest local ingredients and highest quality of meat, seafood, and dairy products. We accommodate everyone’s taste buds, and we’ll leave you with clear instructions for a quick re-heat of your meal, so that you can enjoy your time with your family instead of working in the kitchen.

One of my family members is gluten intolerant. Can you customize a meal for him?

You bet! We offer a wide range of fresh, nutritious gluten-free meals. We also have options for people who don’t eat dairy, people who are vegetarian or vegan, and people who are on a Paleo, low-carb or no carb diet.

I’d like to give my parents a romantic dinner for two for their anniversary.

We will give them a delightful anniversary experience, and we can keep it a secret until the big night! We offer gift certificates.

How much does a meal from Chef on the Bay cost?

We have a range of costs that allow you to create your own experience.

· A 3-course meal for two starts at $190, not including local tax and service charge.

· A 5-course meal for two starts at $250, not including local tax and service charge.

· The supper club experience ranges from $25-$65/per person, based on the number of courses served, plated service, family style, wine and beer pairings, etc. as well as staff hourly rates, travel fees, taxes, and any other applicable charges.

Where can we be served?

We can serve you on the beach, as long as you rent or own property with beach front, in your home, or even on a boat!

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