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We currently are not accepting event contracts for 2024.

A Personalized Chef Experience...

Our chef service is perfect for individuals, families and groups who want high-quality, home cooked meals without having to do the work themselves. We cater to all of our clients' needs: from private, romantic dinners at home; beach-side, large catered events to pre-prepared meals for busy families.

Weekly & Monthly Meal Plans Now Available!

(Contact Us For Plans & Prices)

Our simple to gourmet meals are extensive and fun! The Chef On The Bay experience offers everything from great family favorites to exotic international dishes.

Each experience is different: our in-home chef and catering services are personalized for every individual, group, occasion, and event. Almost every dish can be customized to each person's specific taste, dietary/culinary needs, and desires.

Who Can Use A Personal Chef Experience?

Most of our clients are busy professionals, new parents, career-oriented singles, working couples, individuals who have special dietary needs, and anyone else who feels that the personal chef experience can enrich their life in some way.

We have found our clients truly enjoy coming home to an affordable, healthy, and delicious meal without all the fuss.

Catering Services

We serve a broad range of events, including but not limited to small dinner parties, holiday celebrations, family parties, and barbecues.

We specialize in smaller parties of up to 25 people for the 2020 fiscal year. Please contact us for further details.

Gift certificates available!

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